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Nahanee River, Canada // 

A wild river adventure in Canada's Northwest Territories, on the edge of the gold rush

About 30 years after the great gold rush in the Yukon River that flows between Canada and Alaska, rumors of gold began to spread in Nahani as well. The journey up the river was long, difficult and dangerous, even in the terms of the Northern Territories of Canada. Few made this way, even fewer returned from it.


More than 160 years later, we found ourselves in an amphibious aircraft, almost touching the great drama ofVirginia Falls, which fall in the middle of the river from a height of about 92 meters. Thus began our rafting adventure on the Hanhani, in the undisturbed wilderness of Northern Canada, one of the last places of untouched nature and of people who have become legends.  

Photo: Ganit Gates

© Galia Guttman 2014

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