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Taimyr Peninsula, Russia //

On a journey at the end of the world, in the farthest north of Russia

The maned lamb shows power. Photo by Ronit Israel
The Dolgan women in holiday clothes. Photo by Galia Gutman.J

Photographs: Misha, Ronit Israeli, Galia Gutman

Will anyone believe me that I slept in a container on board a barge, somewhere on a river in Siberia?


It was in Taimyr, a huge peninsula located about a thousand kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, somewhere in the farthest north of Russia. This is a gloomy, mysterious, unknown region off the map of some tourist,


Indeed, we were the first group of tourists at the end of this shokmok - in a place where polar bears hunt young animals, a musk sheep that resembles an ox walks through it, thousands of mammoths are buried in its tundra soil and the world's largest herd of wild reindeer lives in it, the few inhabitants who live here survive unbearably harsh winters and make a living mainly from fishing and deer hunting.

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