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Trips as generators ofynoJ //

Four trips from which I returned happier, freed, younger and more confident in myself

Photography: Arala Yoel

It already started with a flight to Salvador de Bahia in northern Brazil, where we arrived on the first evening of the carnival. The captain didn't forget to wish the passengers a great carnival, and from then on things got out of hand. This is how we found ourselves in the heart of the most popular, exciting, violent and overwhelming carnival of all, in an experience of intoxication and unbridled joy.


During the field trip in Mongolia, the last country in the world whose inhabitants are officially nomadic, I was struck by the power of the spaces and the recognition that I can manage on my own in field conditions.


on a trekAround Annapurna In Nepal I faced a height of thousands of meters in the most powerful landscape there is, and in the journey in the western desert in Egypt I felt that sometimes you don't need much to be happy.

Does every trip make a difference? By what do we choose the next destination? And why trips are a recipe for preserving vitality and youth.


© Galia Guttman 2014

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