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Galia Gutman

"What did you lose there?" This is what I always hear from acquaintances who ask where my next trip will be. My close friends and family have already gotten used to it and even expect me to surprise again with an unusual destination.

This is how I find myself dancing until I lose my senses at the carnival in Bahia, Brazil, climbing volcanoes in Kamchatka in Russia or the Dankil desert in Ethiopia, climbing into a 50-meter deep cave in Torotoro Park in Bolivia, churning butter with nomads on a field trip in Western Mongolia, dancing with friendly localsA face in Bukhara, looking at white bears with their eyes on the way to the pole, or belly dancing in the Sahara desert in Egypt.

I also like to travel in Israel, in areas where you can still get a little lost. Holot Nitzanim, which extends not far from Ashdod, where we lived for many years, are especially close to my heart. In my work as a journalist for the Yedioth Communication network in the Lakish area, I was involved in the preservation of the Great Dune in Ashdod and the Last Sea of Sands in the Nitsanim area. Following a media struggle in which I was one of the leaders, two nature reserves were declared in the area. Thanks to this struggle, I was awarded the Pratt Award for journalists who excelled in covering environmental issues, on behalf of the Heschel Center for Environmental Thinking and Leadership.


Today I am an independent journalist, focusing on nature and culture, trips and journeys, and my articles are regularly published in leading magazines such as Globes' supplement G and another journey. I also share my experiences on my travel blog, Blog-Galia, and enjoy collaborating with bloggers likeThe blogging, the blogging incubator the professional ofYonit Tzuk,in the working group of the typologists and others.I share the experience, the enthusiasm and the insights from my travels with my listeners in the lectures I give throughout the country.

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