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Svalbard Archipelago, Norway // 
Sailing between glaciers on the way to the North Pole in the kingdom of the white bear

© Galia Guttman 2014

At six in the evening, when the ship crossed the latitude81, we stood on the deck clinking glasses of vodka and shivering with cold. The ship sailed in a gray sea filled with massive ice shelves, less than a thousand kilometers from the North Pole.


One day the tour director received a message asking for a baySallyhamna A dead whale was washed away and that several polar bears were seen there. The Zodiac boats approached cautiously. The sight before our eyes exceeded the wildest expectations.


It was one of the highlightsThe journey in the Arctic sea arid, among reindeer, Nivatani (Walrus, seahorse), and a whole chain of plants, animals as well as people, surviving in the harsh and merciless northern nature. 

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