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Colombia //

On a journey following Gabriel Garcia Marquez, drug lords, salsa and one lost city

Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Gabo), Cartagena graffiti.
Juan on the way.jpg
More from the lost city.jpg

Photographs: from the web, Galia Gutman

Energetic and colorful, exciting and sensual, Colombia is an example of a country that was unfavorably subject to the control of drug lords, managed to pull itself up, and today it has everything: a Caribbean beach and coffee plantations, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, divine fruit juices, lots of happiness, sensual salsa, And a lost city that few reach.

Everyone we told them we were going to the lost city told us "wow you must be strong". I began to worry... The route to the lost city lasted five days, penetrating deep into the phosphorescent green jungle of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains. To get there, we climbed, crossed rivers and met with the Wiwa people, whom progress has passed over, for the time being.

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