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Photo: Courtesy of Brasilian Tours

Bonito //Supplement G "Globes"2012 ​

We put on the diving masks and put our heads in the water. It was like being in a huge aquarium. Squid fish tingled the soles of our feet, huge dorado fish swam next to us and we lost ourselves to the delightful stream of the Olio d'Agua, one of the crystal clear rivers of the Bonito region in Brazil.

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Photo: Galia Gutman

Nahani // Supplement G "Globes" 2013 ​

Rafting on the Nahanee River in northern Canada, between cliffs and canyons, in the sun and in the rain, when there is not a living soul around, only bears and wolves - is an adventure in undisturbed nature and stories about gold seekers that have become legends.

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Photo: Galia Gutman

Torotoro // Supplement G "Globes" 2012 ​

Torutoro National Park is the Bolivian version of Jurassic Park. The dinosaur footprints carved into its rocks are like a prehistoric theater where every step is a step in time. The blind fish swimming in the underground river in the cave which is 50 meters deep, are also like a relic from another era. 

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Nahani River

Photography: Haim Kimchi

Dankill // Supplement G "Globes" 2013 ​

You only travel to the Dankil desert in Ethiopia in the winter, and even then the heat is oppressive. But nowhere else are there such sights of burning lava lakes, of boiling sulfur like a psychedelic hot tub and of the Afar tribes,  the masters of this desert.

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Photo: Galia Gutman

mustang // Supplement G "Globes" 2012 ​

​In fancy robes of brocade and silk, monks performed ceremonial mandala dances in Lumentang Square. This was the beginning of the Tiji celebrations, a relic of an ancient Tibetan ritual that is almost extinct, and the most important festival of the people of Mustang, a tiny kingdom in Nepal, on the border of Tibet.

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Kamchatka // 2006 "route" supplement

Tell a veteran of the former Soviet Union that you were in Kamchatka, and his jaw will drop.  This peninsula, at the eastern end of Russia, can only be reached by sea or air. The flight from Moscow takes nine hours to the place where the work of creation is still in progress.

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Photo: Arala Yoel

Photo: Galia Gutman

Japan in the fall // Supplement G "Globes" 2013 ​

In the Akan Reserve in the east of the Hokkaido Peninsula, during an autumn trip, I met a kind Japanese woman who was walking among the trees alone. She bowed to us, sat down on a bench and began to sing in a clear voice. I stood mesmerized. Who is she singing to? To the trees in your yard? To love invisible? Autumn in Japan is a coveted subject in literature, art, poetry and cuisine.

Photo: Galia Gutman

Svalbard // "Another Journey" 2009

The ship was sailing in a sea littered with huge ice shelves when suddenly a huge white bear appeared... Sailing in the Svalbard archipelago, which is halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole, is like a white dream in a boundless kingdom.

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Photo: Galia Gutman

On the Middle Silk Road // Supplement G "Globes" 2010

In July 1941, when the echoes of the shelling of the German army could already be clearly heard, a young man left his hometown in Lviv County in what was then Poland, and began to move east. Thus, in the midst of World War II, my father's journey across Central Asia began. In 2010 I set out on my own journey following his stories. 



Photo: Galia Gutman

the coffee road// "Another Journey" 2014 ​

We stopped by a cabin in rural Ethiopia. In a small, shady plot, among vegetable crops and some fruit trees, coffee trees also grew.  A young girl carried a large basket with greenish-reddish fruits that she had just picked...  A visit to coffee plantations in three countries illustrated to me how difficult the coffee road is. 

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Photo: Galia Gutman

The valley train // Supplement G "Globes" 2014 ​

It will not run on steam, it will not roll on the tracks exactly along the historical route, and there is also a sharp debate about the economic viability of the future track between Haifa and Beit Shean. But the trip on foot or by bike along the Valley Railway  is a fascinating and captivating nostalgic journey.  


Photo: Galia Gutman

Nahal Barak // Supplement G "Globes" 2013

A white-winged heron, one of the most beautiful of the desert birds, stood on a rock within touching distance of us. As we entered the mall, Nahal Barak "closed" on us and the view became dramatic. The trip to the Barak and Vardit streams is the Negev at its best, for travelers who are not afraid of a challenging route and the desert's emptiness.

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Barak Wadi

Photo: Galia Gutman

Lapland // Supplement G "Globes" 2011

Are the elusive northern lights caused by an arctic fox as its tail gets caught in the snow flakes and sends a trail of icicles painting the sky? I went to Lapland to look for the northern lights and in the footsteps of Ella Kri the heroine of our childhood, and I found myself in a winter fairy tale.




Memories in Polish//"Travelers" (another journey) 2012 ​

I walked in Warsaw, in the beautiful park of the Polish Army Museum on Jerozolimski Boulevard. I suddenly started laughing. I remembered the family story about Grandpa Lipa, who took me for a walk in the park and on the way noticed that he accidentally took a stroller with... a foreign baby. A journey through the stations where my family lived in Poland and Ukraine.

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Photo: Galia Gutman

wales // Supplement G "Globes" 2011

Scotland and Ireland are indeed famous for it, but this green and beautiful land remains the most Celtic of them all. Only in it they still speak and sing in Welsh, it is dotted with abandoned castles, and according to legend King Arthur's mythological sword, the Excalibur, rests in one of its lakes.

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Photo: Galia Gutman


Antarctica // Supplement G "Globes" 2015

I stood between 200 thousand penguins and hundreds of elephant seals, who filled from horizon to horizon a huge plain, between glaciers, rivers and snowy mountains. 100 years after the heroic voyage of the ship "Endurance", I sailed to Antarctica following my childhood hero Ernest Shackleton. I felt like I was in a parallel universe.

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Photo:Siegfried Waldhack

tracks // Supplement G "Globes" 2016

Years ago my husband and I went on one of our first treks, which was not so successful to say the least... What makes "just" a trip a trek? And how does the continuous increase in global tourism affect the number of tourists looking for trekking routes in the world, from teenagers to 80-year-old backpackers? 


Photo: Galia Gutman

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