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Western Desert, Egypt // 

A cave of stalactites, swimmers and precious stones in the heart of the Sahara desert in Egypt


© Galia Guttman 2014

Who said the desert is only dunes. It is difficult to describe how beautiful the Western desert is, fascinating, boundless and with a thousand faces.


It has orange dunes laced with black sandstone, huge virgin white dunes, A stalactite cave, pink rock walls engraved with murals depicting people in swimming motions and long-necked giraffes - whose age is estimated at 12 thousand years old, remains of vehicles and an airfield from the founding battles of World War II, and also the cliff where the Count hid The Hungarian László Olmsi, who was an inspiration for the English film The Wounded.


One day we discovered a rare treasure: very expensive silica stones, the weight of which is measured in gold,  few people know that the giant scarab found on the chest of the immortal king, aka Tut-Ankh Amon, is made of this very material.

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