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The magic secret of coffee //

An anthropological, historical and entertaining journey to the coffee regions of the world


Photographs: from the web, Galia Gutman

How do you like your coffee? Short espresso? upside down? Macchiato? Why in Guatemala is it called "the aspirin of the Mayans"? How do you make an anti-cellulite cream from coffee? How much does a kilogram of "black ivory" cost? Why did the church object to drinking coffee? Where did the first coffee shop in the world open? And what does Johann Sebastian Bach have to do with it?

What does the caffeine molecule look like, what processes do the coffee beans go through from the moment the coffee fruits are picked until the drink is poured into the glass? And in general, how he managed to sell the population of the entire world and occupy a central place in our culture.

So what is the magic secret of coffee? invites you to a journey following the black gold, from the homeland of coffee Ethiopia, through Uganda, Guatemala, Indonesia and Colombia.

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