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Corsica, an act of love between the sea and the sun//

Napoleon, Rampant Blossom, Vendetta, Polyphonic Poetry, The Beauty of Sin

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From above, Corsica looked so mountainous and rugged, that for a moment it seemed that the plane would have nowhere to land. The ancient Greeks called this island Kalliste, which means the most beautiful of all. The writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote that this island was born from an act of love between the sea and the sun.

On the way back from a trek to a frozen lake a little red-breasted bird sings on a bush. I looked at her, I tripped over a board over one of the flooded sections of the stream, and in an instant the shoe and sock were soaked in the cold water. I had to remind myself that we are on an island in the Mediterranean, that all I knew about until a few weeks ago is that it  Birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The food in Corsica is sinfully beautiful, in the spring you can get dizzy from the intoxicating smell of the famous Corsican forest, there is no shortage of hair-raising stories about the custom of blood revenge that prevailed here for years and the singing of the men as if "emanating from the granite rocks", as described by the English writer Dorothy Carrington. This island surprised us in a big way.

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