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Wales, United Kingdom //

On a journey in the little and lesser known Celtic sister of Ireland and Scotland,


Photographs: from the web, Galia Gutman

"Why?  asked with characteristic humor our English friends, when we told them we were going to Wales. Wales, sitting on the rocky edge in the west of the United Kingdom, is a land of green valleys, dark mountains, white chrysanthemums and a fascinating history. We went down to slate mines where gnarled miners once carved, We heard male choirs and discovered a psychedelic peninsula, where the "prisoner" lived.

There are more castles per square kilometer in Wales than in any other country in the world. Of the 400 castles that once stood tall, today about a hundred remain, some crumbling and some restored by the hand of an artist. Wales is the presumed birthplace of King Arthur, and when you wander among castles that have No knights and princesses live in it, the stories of the round table seem to be resurrected in it.

And if you ask yourself why the heir to the throne of England, perhaps the most important person in the kingdom after the Queen herself, is called the Prince of Wales, you can hear about it in a lecture or read about itin my blog post, or read about itin the article.

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