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  • Uganda
    A girl with a banana earring childhood districts - part one The secret of the magic of coffee
  • Uzbekistan
    My Eleven My Silk Road
  • Australia
  • Ukraine
    roots trip in Ukraine
  • Indonesia
    Bali, cockfighting and the magic secret of coffee
  • Iceland
    Eleventh My Towers of Light Iceland in winter, a Game of Thrones experience
  • Ireland
    Lighthouses Kilmainham Prison
  • Antarctica
    My Eleven Antarctica, following Shackleton Following Shackleton - the lecture
  • Estonia
  • United States
    Naked and Afraid Kennedy Center and the Everglades, Florida Route 66 Wrangel Island Adventure Alcatraz Prison
  • arctic
    On the forgotten heroes of the north - the lecture The Post - Svalbard Svalbard - the lecture
  • Ethiopia
    My Eleven Dankil Desert< /a> Dankil Desert - the lecture The magic secret of coffee
  • Azores Islands
    to blog post
  • Oceania
  • Bulgaria
    Rila Mountains
  • Bolivia
    The story of three stalagmite caves Salar de Cuipasa Trata, Kots'Bamba Valley Torotoro Reserve, taking Dinosaurs Kid and Cassidy's Last Heist San Pedro Prison
  • Brazil
    girl with banana earring Hepantel and bonito The pantanel and bonito - the lecture The magic secret of coffee
  • UK
    Collecting trip in rural England Lighthouses Canterbury, England Wales, United Kingdom Wales, UK - The Lecture
  • Guatemala
    The magic secret of coffee
  • Greenland
    girl with banana earring East Greenland, a winter trip on dog sleds How to dress for a winter trip in Greenland< /p> A winter trip on dog sleds - the lecture
  • Denmark
  • South Africa
    Roven Island
  • Azores Islands
  • Netherlands
    Vadlofen in the Netherlands and three beaches in Israel Lighthouses
  • Vietnam
    girl with banana earring Hanoi Hilton
  • Turkmenistan
    My Silk Road
  • Greece
    Ithaca, the road
  • Japan
    girl with banana earring
  • Israel
    From Herzliya to Lake Hod Hasharon in the streams of Barak and Vardit in the Negev following the"hey My Eleven My first trek The Balcony of the State Vadlofen in the Netherlands and three beaches in Israel Blevinski Party Al Havari Navot the square Childhood Districts - Part One My travels to Lewinsky: missing pepper? My travels to Levinsky: tasting the Mediterranean My Journey to Lewinsky: On Veganism and Longevity My Journeys to Lewinsky: Flowers of Hemda My Journey to Lewinsky: An Affair with Matias The story of three stalagmite caves
  • Lapland
    Childhood Districts - Part One Winter Night's Dream
  • Mongolia
    My Eleven Altai Mountains, Mongolia
  • Egyptians
    girl with banana earring Childhood Districts - Part One My Eleven The story of three stalagmite caves Lighthouses The Western Desert Sinai Peninsula The Western Desert - the lecture
  • Norway
    Lighthouses Svalbard Archipelago, a journey to the North Pole - the lecture
  • New Zealand
  • Nepal
    Mustang, a kingdom in northern Nepal Mustang - the lecture girl with banana earring
  • Poland
    Memories in Polish - the lecture Memories in Polish - the blog Polish photos - from Lublin to Krakow
  • Peru
    My Eleven Rio Tambopeta Reserve, Amazon Basin
  • equipment
    area cushion How to choose a camera How to choose shoes
  • France
    Devils Island Chateau D'if
  • Colombia
    My Eleven The magic secret of coffee - the lecture Love at first sight - the lecture To the Lost City - the blog
  • Korea
    Fall trip in South Korea
  • Kazakhstan
    My Silk Road
  • Kyrgyzstan
    My Silk Road
  • Canada
    Lighthouses Adventure in the Wild River, Nahani
  • Rwanda
    girl with banana earring The Switzerland of Africa
  • Russia
    The Kuril Islands The Kuril Islands - the lecture St. Petersburg, a love story Siberia and Lake Baikal, the blue pearl of Siberia Lake Baikal, the blue pearl of Siberia - the lecture Between the tusks of the mammoth, a journey to the Taimyr Peninsula - the lecture A trip to the Kamchatka Peninsula - the lecture Wrangel Island Adventure
  • Switzerland
    get married in Switzerland in winter
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